Water is the input plants need most, especially during the Valley summer heat. The best way to keep a crop healthy and producing is to irrigate the field with uniformity so that every plant receives the same amount. Streamline Irrigation provides precision systems that let crop managers apply the right amount in each irrigation cycle. Our design process makes it easy to get the performance and reliability you have in mind.

We install and service every kind of irrigation system, from concrete pipelines, drip tubing, micro sprinklers, sub-surface drip tape, and center pivot machines. Our crews are experienced working with existing crops, and our project managers will coordinate with your schedule. Whether you want to repair your existing irrigation system or improve your equipment, Streamline Irrigation has the people and parts to do the job.

Our plans are drawn to fit the needs of the crop with efficiency. We purposefully design every one to match the available water flow rate with the amount needed in the field. Through the design process we make sure that each pipe is carrying the amount of water it should be so that unwanted pressure isn’t built at the pump. The long-term result is a reliable irrigation system that saves energy and improves crop yields.

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Streamline offers field service and support for irrigation, fertigation, and automation equipment. Our supply store and warehouse are stocked with pipe, tubing, valves, and connectors. We install new irrigation systems, repair existing systems, and source quality replacement parts. Our irrigation design shows how your system will operate in the field, tying into existing pumps, mainlines, and ditch turnouts. Call us today to find out how a high performance system can increase your yield and improve your field. Our project managers are ready to discuss the strategy that works best for you.

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